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aeSidhe Collections

aeSidhe is our first creative line, the beginning of our Story. We work with different materials such as Resin, Silver, Semi-precious stones, Minerals, Wood, Cement, Porcelain, Glass, etc., and create unique designs for unique customers. All our Creations are 100% handmade in Spain.

Every season we prepare a new Collection. Please feel free to visit our Shop from time to time and see our newest designs, we really hope you enjoy what you see. Thank you!!


Hadas Collection | aeSidhe by mar galgau | jewelry design | Hadas collection

Hadas is one of our creative jewelry collection, made in Crystal resin. Hadas means Fairies in Spanish, and was our first jewelry collection presented to the public. The jewelry line is named “Aesidhe”, shorter version of Aes Sidhe which literally means Fairies Territory …All the designs from the Faires Collection find the inspiration in the fairies world, a world of fantasy, full of color, joy and happyness, just as the one we intend to translate to our Friends.

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The main characteristics of this collection are the colours and the softness, and of course, limitless in combinations and shapes, just as the Fairies world.


Uno Collection | aeSidhe by mar galgau | jewelry design | Uno collection

Uno is one of our creative jewelry collection, made in Crystal resin. Uno means One in Spanish, and intends to represent a feeling, the feeling of loneliness and solitude, in a small resin sphere. The soul of the owner of this jewel is represented as a small Pearl, in different colours to chose, from pure White to blue or black,suspended in time and encapsulated in a cristal resin sphere for the eternity.

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Huesos Collection | aeSidhe by mar galgau | jewelry design | Huesos collection

Huesos Collection Huesos is our latest creative jewelry collection, made entirely by hand. Huesos means Bones in Spanish, and evoques the idea of the beauty that can be found in such elements as the human bones. The bone shaped pieces are adorned with genuine pearls encapsulated for the eternity, all involved in a foggy champain matt finishing. The base material is soft resin, which allows us to hand sculpt the final shape the way we desire, this way each and every piece is totally unique, a wearable sculpture, a wearable piece of art.

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