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Our Creative Studio and manufacturing place is located in Toledo,  Spain. In our Studio we create unique designs for our customers, both private and companies, using different materials such as Resin, Genuine Leather, Silver, Textile, Cement, Porcelain, Glass, Pearls, Wood, etc. etc. All our products are 100% Made and Handmade in Spain, and over 90% of the materials we use are of Spanish origin.

Trough the following lines, we try to explain our FAQs in order to help our friends and customers as much as we can. Of course, you are more than welcomed to contact us directly in case you need extra info related to our work /designs and you don’t find an answer to your question.


Our processes 



We have 2 lines of work:

1: Designs and custom creations for private customers, and

2: Custom designs for B2B.


Our products are normally made-to-order, unless we specify the existance of a small stock.

We generally have:

– the ready to wear designs (available only when we indicate the existance of a stock), and

– the made-to-order designs.

Thus said, when you see a design proposal in any of our shops, it is a prototype, and we are able to adapt it in size /measures /colours /etc to your wish.


If this is a ready to wear design, please feel free to ask for additional info if considered.

If this is a made-to-order item; please allow us from 2 days to 3 weeks for production, depending on product and materials needed.

If a product was sold but you wish to have a similar one for you, we will be more than happy to do it, feel free to text us whenever you wish. Please remember that for custom designs, different than the existing pictures, the final aspect might slightly differ.

Also, in the made-to-order designs, it is top important to confirm the availability of the materials, or colours of your desire.

For example in the case of leather, if you wish a certain colour but we don’t have it in stock, we will place an order to our leather shop and only after receiving that leather, is when we will confirm the production to you.





Generally our designs have in the description field the available dimensions, but depending the case, we could be able to adapt the measures to the ones you need.

For rings, bangles and bracelets, please verify dimensions so that to ensure that it will fit you. You can do it by measuring the diameter of your finger –for the dimension of rings – or hand – for bangles and bracelets – and indicate us the measures.

For ribbons, chains, cordons, etc., we have different types /models, in different lengths, from 40 cm to 1.20 m, in different materials such as macramé, leather, zamak, silver 925 and gold, etc.


**Materials /Colours**

Material: we use several types of materials such as Resin, genuine leather, silver, decorative cement, clay, glass, crystal, pearls, semi precious stones, etc., depending on the designs we want to create.

As our work process is totally handmade, we thank you to understand that the final designs and depending on material we use, might have small imperfections.

In the use of Resin, for example, small imperfections may occur. Also, tiny bubbles form in the resin during mixing (sometimes are voluntarily made) which lends a champagne effect to translucent items and added texture to opaque items. Either voluntarily made or by accident, bubbles are part of the beauty of the resin and resin jewellery.

If the jewellery has small defects or bubbles, they are visible in the image and will not be corrected with photo editors. Sometimes bubbles are not visible to the eye when taking pictures, please be aware of it.

Colours: Please note that colours may be slightly different due to monitor colour calibration, resolution settings or type of support you use (PC, iPhone, tablet, etc.), etc.




Whichever material we use, each design is individually and fully hand made; there are no two exact same pieces! By purchasing our designs, we are proud to say that you will acquire a unique and one of a kind design which we are sure will make you happy :)

We develop our idea, design our prototypes, prepare our patterns, molds, etc., use the best materials available in the market; we design the final model with the desired decorative motifs, then produce, treat, process, attend, polish, hand cut, hand stitch, etc….., until we get the desired presentation.


Genuine leather

We offer our customers a large variety of leather types, colors and/or patterns to choose from. We also offer our work for our customer’s designs.

We only use local Spanish leather as we are found of the Quality and versatility it offers. For large orders we can provide a Certificate of Origin of the leathers, and a Certificate of Authenticity of our Creations.

We do all the processes and the final products are 100% Made in Spain. We design and create our own designs, cut the patterns, glue, stitch, sew, polish, etc. etc., this way we are able to offer original and unique products and participate in the sustainable development of our community. We follow the tradition in our processes, and by making products slowly and using traditional methods means that the goods will stand the test of time and you will have a loooong lasting design.

All our processes are totally hand made, from cutting to stitching, that’s why it is difficult to have two same finished products. Our Studio is equiped with the necessary tolos for the traditional Leather work and all our work processes are by hand.

Beside the hand-made processes, with using lots of colourful materials no two designs will ever be the same, making each one unique and one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art! The process is large and costly but the results worth the pain, as we are really happy when people choose our designs.



Terms and Conditions


Is your purchase a gift? If so, please contact us asap so that we can prepare it accordingly. Should you add any extra message to your gift or you wish to send it in a special way, please indicate it by mail asap as you finish your order.



For being a client already and having a previous order, you can benefit an extra % in your next order; be sure to ask us how.




Special Offers and Discounts available for sharing pictures of our designs and links to our shop through the web.

We will add an extra Present to your next order. Be sure to send us by e-mail the “proof” of sharing, before your next order.




We welcome wholesale enquiries as well as custom orders. If you have any questions or would like a custom design, please contact us.

Catalogues, sample material, presentoires and extra promo material is available for distributors, please ask our sales dept. about it.



**Purchase and payments**

For more info about payments, please check the following info:

We accept Credit Cards, PayPal payments or e-shop vouchers, as well as wire transfer.

We can also accept Credit Cards through an e-shop if that’s what suits you better.

You can use your credit/debit card to pay through PayPal, even if you don’t have a PayPal account, it’s fast and free.




All our designs are carefully packaged, depending on design. The box will go carefully wrapped in individual packages in order to avoid any possible damage.

The products always come with a Thank you present; we really hope you enjoy it :)




Please double check all your information before completing your purchase. As a buyer, you are responsible for making sure your shipping address is accurate. We will ship the order to the address you indicate in your order.


The address must contain the following:

Your full name

Your ID or national identity document number (for invoicing and custom reasons);

Your contact telephone nr (for the shipping agency to contact you);

Your full address (country, city, postal code, street and number).

It is really important to provide all this info, because obviously if you are paying a product, you want to receive it and we want you to send it to you, and avoid any kind of delay or problem, so thank you for your understanding.




We always send an invoice to the buyer by e-mail. Please keep the invoice at least 14 days after receiving the goods, as it will be required if you have a complaint related to a product.

The invoice will also serve in international shipping to certain countries where it is compulsory the customs dispatch.

We really want you to be happy with our designs so we will do all we can to solve any misunderstanding or problem, and try our best to make you happy.



Shipping is normally made by registered mail; a confirmation or tracking number is given once the products are sent.

Shipping with FedEx, MRW, DHL or similar is possible, you can receive the goods from 2 to 7 days in your house if located in Europe. For other locations, kindly ask us for the delay before your order. Also, please ask about the fees to be applied to your country shipping fees..

The shipping fees are indicated in each product, but be aware that due to the distance /weight or dimensions, of the shipping fees can vary.


Remember: you can win Free shippings!! Ask us.

If an address does not accept or does not pick up a package and the order is shipped back to us, it is to you to repeat shipping costs.

If your item has not arrived after 30 days, please contact us for a refund or replacement, whatever you wish. (*Refund will be made Exclusively to the same payment method and person, no change will be accepted).


Regular deliveries:

Europe – 7 to 30 days;

International deliveries – 1 to 4 weeks;


Express deliveries:

National deliveries – from 2 to 7 working days (custom clearance time excluded).

International deliveries – from 5 days to 2 weeks (custom clearance time excluded).

Please be aware of the delay for international deliveries, possible stops in customs (each Country has different proceedings) or any other incident which is not under our capacity of solving. If your country has special requests when importing products, please advise us in advance so that we can adapt asap.


**Customer care**

If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason please contact us as soon as you receive your order.

We really want you to be happy when buying our products, so please feel free to contact us as soon as you receive the product and we will definitely find a sollution.

Consumer rights:

“The person placing an order may break the contract without giving the reason to do so in the period of time of 14 days from receiving the order. A returned piece of work may not have any signs of the purchaser having used it, it has to be sent back in the original packaging and together with the invoice.

The custom orders / designs created on request cannot be exchanged, returned or refunded.

The fee for shipping back the products is covered by the customer except if the damage was because of our fault.

The value of the returned object will be sent via PayPal, after the parcel arrives back to us and we can revise the claim.

All claims will be dealt with within 7 working days from their receipt; you will receive a formal answer by e-mail asap it is solved, in the indicated delay.

Please understand that we cannot be responsible for damage due to mishandling of the products by customers, for transport delays or damages, and customs delays. Thank you for your comprehension.

We understand that sometimes dealing with technology can be difficult and mistakes can be made. In the case of this happening, please contact us asap indicating that a mistake has been made, indicating the mistake and also, advise us the steps to give if you already know what to do.



TLC for the designs made of Resin:

The resin we use is one of the best in the market, durable and strong, but a bit of TLC will make it last even longer.

In order to keep your design like new for a long time, please consider the following advices:

– Avoid bringing your resin items into contact with temperatures above 60°C (140 °F);

– Avoid strong impacts – our resin is approx. 40 times stronger than glass, but it is not steel…

– Avoid prolonged exposure to excessive heat and bright sunlight;

TLC for leather products: professional webs and videos indicating general or specifical Tlc for your leather ítems.

TLC for silver, gold or other metal products: professional webs and videos indicating general or specifical Tlc for your silver ítems.

– You can clean the jewellery with a soft cloth, and rubbing it with a tiny amount of olive oil from time to time will restore the shine;

– Gold, sterling silver and brass will tarnish over time, polish periodically with a polishing cloth to keep it shine;

– Brass is a metal that can develop a patina over time; please keep your jewellery looking its best by keeping it out of water.

– Please keep your jewellery out of humid storing places or water.

TLC for crystal, ceramic, cement or similar made products:

– Avoid cleaning products not indicated for glass or ceramics.

– Avoid scratching or hitting the products, and any other impact over it so that to avoid scratching or braking.

– Avoid placing the products in humid ambient or in constant contact with water, as that would damage the products or even destroy it.


– Do a responsible use of the products and do not give a different use than the given one.

– Avoid taking showers or wearing the jewels while swimming;

– Avoid any possible shock or scratch that might damage the surface or break it;

– Avoid contact with harsh cleaning products and abrasives as these might scratch the surface;

– Avoid any bad use or misuse of the products, and remember that our designs can be with you for a life time, but you need to take care of it too.

For any extra details or info you might need, kindly contact us trough any of our social networks, or directly to our general e-mail info(at)aesidhe.com

Thank you.