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We are Mar Galgau, a Spanish Design Studio located in Toledo, Spain. We are a registered activity in Spain and run our tax obligations under the Spanish law. VAT number is applied on all our international invoices.

In our Studio we create unique designs for our customers, both private and companies, using a wyde variety of materials.  We design, develop our ideas, do the prototypes and manufacture from jewellery, accessories, fashion design, to industrial design, all under our Studio’s brand, mar galgau, 100% made in Spain.

The Intelectual Property of all the products made under our brands is exclusively ours.


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We do not store any Private information, Data nor Customer information in any of our websites for security reasons.

We use the Personal contact details you provide ONLY for our Shipping service / Invoicing and Custom clearance. We do not use your Personal contact details for any other purpose.

Once you place an order, we:

– will keep your Personal contact details for 14 days, maximum time allowed for Customers to change /replace /cancel / etc. an order.

– will keep the invoice in our Accountant Dept. for 4 years, Obligatory time required by the Spanish Law.

– After that, we will be erasing all your personal info, Except if you Clearely specify your intention of receiving our e-mails or be informed about our latest designs.




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We do not store any personal data in any of our websites and we don’t keep any Personal data in our phisical location either, all for security reasons. Thank you.

Last update: April 2016

Appreciated friends, visitors, customers, thank you for passing by, we are more than happy to attend you.

For any enquiry or request of information you might have, here enclosed our full contact details:


MarGalgau Spain

Contact person: Maria

e-mail: info(at)

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian.

Processes: Design, jewelry design, industrial design, manufacturing, shipping, customer care, post sales customer care.

Address: 45007 Toledo, Spain.

MarGalgau Switzerland

Contact person: Nana

e-mail: info(at)

Languages: English, Spanish, French and German.

Processes: Design, Marketing, Sales, Customer Care.

Address: 8304 Wallisellen, Switzerland.

Depending on your needs, you might want to contact the right address in order to have your requests answered asap. All requests will be attended in less than 24 hours. Thank you.


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