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Welcome to our home!!
Thank you for stopping by our studio. Our Creative Studio is located in Toledo, in the heart of the country and former Capital City of Spain. 
Our Studio is young but motivated and ambitious, and in very short time we were able to grow and be noticed in our Country.
We also have the honour to be part of DiMad (a Spanish association of designers) as professional designers, and sporadically participate in expositions or contests related to our work.
In our Studio we create unique designs for our customers, both private and companies, and manufacture using different materials such as Resin, Genuine Leather, Textile, Cement, Porcelain, Glass, Silver, semi-precious stones, etc. etc.

Please feel free to visit our Shop and see our designs, we really hope you enjoy what you see. 
Thank you!!


wwa CA130 Fairy Silhouettes E

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wwa CA130 Fairy Silhouettes EIn our Creative Studio we create unique designs using different materials such as Resin, Genuine Leather, Silver, Textile, Cement, Porcelain, Glass, Pearls, semi-precious stones, etc. We design, develop prototypes and manufacture from jewelry, accessories, fashion design, to industrial design, all under our Studio’s brand, mar galgau, obviously 100% made in Spain. Be sure to visit our HQ web for all the info about our designs and us, thank you.

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