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In our Creative Studio we create unique designs for our customers, both private and companies, using different materials such as Resin, Genuine Leather, Silver, Textile, Cement, Porcelain, Glass, Pearls, semi-precious stones, etc.

We design, develop prototypes and manufacture from jewellery, accessories, fashion design, to industrial design, all under our Studio’s brand, mar galgau, obviously 100% made and handmade in Spain. A short presentation of our lines: aeSidhe, lilit and luziel are our jewellery design lines, mar by mar galgau is our leather accessories design line, semyaza is our men’s fashion brand and occult and TierraDeHadas is our home decor line. wwa CA130 Fairy Silhouettes E



wwa CA130 Fairy Silhouettes E

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wwa CA130 Fairy Silhouettes E